2013 San Dimas Stage Race, Stage 3: Reign of Champions...

Jamis - Hagens Berman p/b Sutter Home fastman, Juan Jose Haedo took a rapid sprint finish ahead of Jelly Belly p/b Kenda rider, Charles Huff, at the end of the day's premier race. The men's pro/1 race saw a healthy break develop early on, but the sprinter's teams would only allow them so much gap before it was time to shut them down. With three laps, and then two laps to go, Francesco Mancebo and 5-Hour Energy teammate, Max Jenkins took control at the front of the bunch. Then with just one more lap to race, it was all Jamis - Hagens Berman at the front, including the Green (Sprint) Jersey wearer, Luis Amaran, who had the peloton lined out for Haedo to make his run to the line.

this fuzzy image of the men's pro/1 finish was the best i could manage. darn it.

congratulations, or something else?

racing along the streets of San Dimas

a trio of Get Crackin' teammates at the front of the Cat 2 race

Seth Britton (Cat 5) one of two triple jersey winners (there is an
additional photo of his winning road race ride if you click here)

Cale Reeder (Masters 45+) the second jersey hat trick winner

is that experience or what? - a perfect v-formation during the masters 45+/55+ race

Amber Neben

Mara Abbott

Rudolph Napolitano

Michael Johnson

Kayle Leo Grande singing a victory song. not really, but it looks like it, and he did win (35+)

camera shy. ha, ha, ha, no. Greg Leibert (Masters 45+) 2-time champion at SDSR (but not quite this year), and [?] (not really sure who he gave the 3rd place bouquet to)

A selection of 103 more photos are at this link.

Some results:

Cat 5, Stage 3
1) Seth Britton (unatt), 2) Samuel Britton (unatt), 3) Mike McCluney (SC Velo)
Cat 5, GC
1) Seth Britton, 2) Alexander Romanenko (Rokform/Rock 'N Road), 3) David Aldrich (unatt)

Cat 4, Stage 3
1) Greg Erwin (OTR), 2) Nick Steel (Serious Cycling), 3) Trevor Kresser (Catalyst Racing)
Cat 4, GC
1) Soichi Takahashi (Team Shimano), 2) Derek Unland (SRAM Factory), 3) Trevor Kresser

Cat 3, Stage 3
1) Kenten Harris (Team Velocity), 2) Chris Nesbitt (Spy Giant), 3) Marcus Cannon (SoCalCycling)
Cat 3, GC
1) William Thomas (TRU Cycling), 2) Andrew Tight (Ritte), 3) Scott Lundy (Serious Cycling)

Cat 2, Stage 3
1) Ian Moore (Stage 17-Cylance), 2) Alex Yale (Therapeutic Assoc), 3) Erick Sobey (Spy Giant)
Cat 2, GC
1) Efren Flores (Get Crackin), 2) Keith Wong (VuMedi), 3) Chris Mackay (Competetive Cyclist)

Masters 55+, Stage 3
1) Kal Szkalak (UC Cyclery/JW Flooring), 2) Daniel Swietlik (OTR), 3) William Ralph (Rokform/Rock N' Road)
Masters 55+, GC
1) Daniel Swietlik, 2) Kevin Susco (Marc Pro-Strava), 3) William Ralph

Masters 45+, Stage 3
1) Benny Parks (Jessup), 2) Thurlow Rogers (Breakaway from Cancer), 3) Bart Clifford (MRI)
Masters 45+, GC
1) Cale Reeder (Hammer Nutrition), 2) Jeff Konsmo (Big Orange), 3) Greg Leibert (Big Orange)
Masters 45+, Sprint
1) Cale Reeder, 2) Benny Parks (Jessup Auto Plaza), 3) Thurlow Rogers
Masters 45+, KOM
1) Cale Reeder, 2) Greg Leibert, 3) Jeff Konsmo

Masters 35+, Stage 3
1) Kayle Leo Grande (MRI Endurance), 2) Chris DeMarchi (MRI), 3) Michael Easter (Time - Velo Pasadena)
Masters 35+, GC
1) Michael Easter, 2) Gary Douville (MRI Endurance), 3) Rudolph Napolitano (Time - Velo Pasadena)
Masters 35+, Sprint
1) Michael Easter, 2) Gary Douville, 3) Kayle Leo Grande
Masters 35+ KOM
1) Adam Livingstone (SKLZ-Swami's), 2) Rudolph Napolitano, 3) Gary Douville

Women Pro/1/2/3, Stage 3
1) Gillian Carleton (Specialized-Lululemon), 2) Brianna Walle (Optum), 3) Loren Rowney (Specialized-Lululemon)
Women Pro/1/2/3, GC
1)  Mara Abbott (ExergyTWENTY16), 2) Amber Neben (The Dare to Be Project), 3) Brianna Walle
Women Pro/1/2/3, U24
1) Tayler Wiles (Specialized-Lululemon), 2) Leah Kirchmann (Optum), 3) Addy Albershardt (The Dare to Be Project)
Women Pro/1/2/3, Sprint
1) Brianna Walle, 2) Kathryn Donovan (NOW and Novartis), 3) Leah Kirchmann
Women Pro/1/2/3, QOM
1) Lex Albrecht (NOW and Novartis), 2) Courteney Lowe (Optum), 3) Mara Abbott

Men Pro/1, Stage 3
1) Juan Jose Haedo (Jamis-Hagens Berman), 2) Charles Huff (Jelly Belly), 3) Bobby Lea (Team SmartStop - Mountain Khakis)
Men Pro/1, GC
1) Janier Acevedo (Jamis-Hagens Berman), 2) Matthew Cooke (Champion Systems), 3) Carter Jones (Bissell Pro Cycling)
Men Pro/1, U24
1) Carter Jones, 2) Dion Smith (Full Circle Cycling), 3) Luis Lemus Davila (Jelly Belly)
Men Pro/1, Sprint Champion
1) Luis Amaran, 2) Juan Jose Haedo, 3) Dion Smith
Men Pro/1, KOM
1) Janier Acevedo, 2) Luis Amaran, 3) Matthew Cooke

One final note to end: Thanks to the race organizers, volunteers, and host club, Southern California Velo for putting together a terrific race once again. Year after year, the San Dimas Stage Race seems to compare very favorably with any other three-day race. The effort shows.