2013 San Dimas Stage Race, Stage 1: Battle on the Mountain...

As in years past, stage one of the San Dimas Stage Race (SDSR) was a 4.2 mile individual time trail up Glendora Mountain Road (GMR). While last years race was cold and threatening rain, this years race was cold without the threat, or at least that is how it started; it warmed up nicely for the later races. That either works for you, or it doesn't.

a rider for Serious Cycling finds a unique place to warm up

From a spectating standpoint, time trials, even those that head up mountain roads, are not the most exciting to watch. You know, you have a solo rider racing past every thirty seconds or so; if you are lucky, or have positioned yourself at a good spot, one might rise out of the saddle for a little more effort. That, at least, makes a more interesting photo. Or maybe someone makes face; that is almost as good. The point is, that while the racers are giving it their all, the action is, well, lacking. There is really not even much of a story. It is like, here comes a racer, there he goes; here comes the next racer, there he goes. However this does not mean that there is a lack of interesting things happening - if you focus and pay attention as racers are coming back from the finish you can sometimes pick up bits of their conversations. They talk about the course, other racers, maybe themselves, stuff from today, stuff from other days. Here is a sampling of some of what I heard today:

"I was shaking so badly I couldn't hold my line."

"A little cold I like, not like last years road race. Man, that was wet."

"Just sprint up to him, catch him. Screw with his head."

"Like seriously, yesterday I couldn't even get on the bike."

The past couple years I have made the effort to get up the mountain, by bike or by foot, and attempt to get a photo of each and every rider that came by. While I did get a goodly number of those again this year, I also spent more time (more than half to be exact) down around the start. It seems to me that in a time trial, the start and finish are where the stories are to be told. While the story may be made out along the course, it is told during the periods before and after. If you choose to look through the photos (a selection of 118 are here) you will no doubt notice this. 

Until then, some results: 

Masters 55+
1) Kevin Susco (Marc Pro - Strava) 18:17.13
2) Daniel Swietlik (OTR Racing) 18:17.85
3) William Ralph (Rokform/Rock N'Road) 18:41.78

Masters 45+
1) Cale Reeder (Hammer Nutrition) 16:17.57
2) Jeff Konsmo (Big Orange Cycling) 16:34.48
3) Greg Leibert (Big Orange Cycling) 16:55.01

Masters 35+
1) Rudolph Napolitano (Time-Velo Pasadena) 16:21.32
2) Chris McDonald (MRI Endurance Elite Masters) 16:21.86
3) Craig Nunes (ArtsCyclery.com) 16:23.91

Cat 3
1) William Thomas (TRU Cycling / Jax Bicycles) 16:26.79
2) Andrew Tight (Ritte Racing) 16:27.97
3) Scott Lundy (Serious Cycling) 16:34.46

Cat 4
1) Soichi Takahashi (Team Shimano) 17:47.80
2) Derek Unland (SRAM Factory Team) 17:50.21
3) Max Capener (unatt) 17:57.59

Cat 5
1) Seth Britton (unatt) 17:12.27
2) David Aldrich (unatt) 18:32.97
3) Jesse Arian (Wheelbuilder.com) 18:54.23

Jr. 17-18
1) William Barta (Boise Young Rider Development Team) 15:29.26
2) Diego Binatena (SKLZ - Swamis Development Elite Team) 16:12.65
3) Henry Nelson (Tieni Duro) 16:59.87

Jr. 15-16
1) Gage Hecht (Team Specialized Racing) 15:58.91
2) Nicholas Castellano (Team Specialized Racing) 16:57.56
3) Jack Maddux (Team  Specialized Racing) 17:04.22

Cat 2
1) Efren Flores (Get Crackin) 15:51.12
2) Keith Wong (VuMedi p/b Lombardi Sports) 16:00.92
3) Nathanial Davis (Sabino Cycles Racing) 16:08.44

Women Pro/1/2/3
1) Mara Abbott (ExergyTWENTY16) 16:42.33
2) Amber Neben (Dare to be Project) 16:59.81
3) Tayler Wiles (Specialized-lululemon) 17:15.59

Men Pro/1
1) Phil Gaimon (Bissell Pro Cycling) 14:03.09
2) Janier Acevedo (Jamis Hagens Berman p/b Sutter Home) 14:19.65
3) Matthew Cooke (Champion System p/b Stan's No Tubes) 14:25.51

as the countdown moves to one, this could almost be a "caption this" photo

Rudolph Napolitano, fastest in the 35+ race

lined up at the start

Amber Neben, 2008 UCI World Time Trial Champion

they went that-a-way

an Irish National Road Race Champion is here, guess who

Chazmichael Morales finds a little shade


who was i taking a photo of?

2004 Spanish Road Race Champion, Francesco Mancebo

laughs all around, once the racing is done

Alright, that does it for stage 1. As usual I took far more than the 118 photos mentioned above; if there is something you are looking for, I can look if you give me a name, race #, category, and team. Tomorrow is the road race around Bonelli Park with plenty of opportunity for some action photos. See you out there.