The 2013 Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium...

Evan Teske was well clear of the field on the official bell lap

Call him strong, smart, just plain lucky, or a bit of each, but Evan Teske rode away with the win in the Masters 50+ at today's 27th Annual Roger Millikan Memorial Criterium. With racers coming around the final turn to start the bell lap, a semi made its way onto the finishing stretch of the course, not only disrupting that lap, but causing confusion for the finish as well. Just how many laps remained, one or two? That was the question. Some clearly thought one, while Teske correctly thought two. The official decision on the matter was that the sounding of the bell over-rides all else, and since the bell did not sound while the truck was on the course (which would otherwise have been the bell lap) there was still one more to be raced. The intricacies of bike racing.

truck on the course. the 50+ guys should be rounding the final turn up there just about now

Mark Hoffenberg (Rokform / Rock N' Road) celebrates another victory in the Masters 55+ race, finishing ahead of Keith Ketterer (Breakaway from Cancer Masters) and Michael Birditt (SKLZ - Swami's)

Alison Jones (CapoVW Webcor) took the race to the Cat 4 Women, and rode away with the win, finishing ahead of Erin Gunn (Catalyst Racing) and Susan Tudor (CapoVW Webcor)

Marvin Hall (UC Cyclery / JW Flooring) decides to heat things up in the Master's Men 50+ race

Armin Rahm celebrates victory in the Masters Men 45+ race

Spy+ along with BBI - SIC Cycling riders, and Evan Teske mob the front during the Masters 45+ race

San Diego Bicycle Club riders lead the chase of a break during the Cat 4 race

come on guys, work with me - he was away solo for a long time, then when a small group of chasers caught up, the break dissolved. Cat 4 race.

Charon Smith takes yet another win from the Masters 35+ group, this time just ahead of teammate John Wike

some of the strength in the Masters 35+ race included Chris DeMarchi (820) and Michael Easter (857), who finished 3rd

the lone Coates rider this day put in a good effort during the Cat 3 race racers warm up before the Pro/1/2 race

The Men's Pro/1/2 race looked like it would play out as a battle between Cash Call, Full Circle Cycling, and Monster Media/MRI, with riders from other teams such as Get Crackin', the Time Factory Team, Calimax,, Rock Sports, Helens, and Stage 17 Racing working into the fray as well. Full Circle Cycling's new rider, Dion Smith, along with veteran teammate, Patrick Caro, animated laps throughout much of the race, as did several of the Get Crackin' riders. In the end, though, the Cash Call train lined up to take control and ended the day taking the top two spots - Fabrizio VonNacher and Justin Williams - with Rahsaan Bahati (Bahati Foundation Elite Team) rounding out the podium.

the Cash Call train rounding turn four late in the race

Finally, a group of 73 of the better photos from the day can be seen by clicking this link.