Ted Ernst and Dale Plueger at OC Bike Film Fest...

If you are not following along on all the developments of the upcoming Film Festival you should. The line up just seems to get more impressive day by day. You can go to their website by clicking on the logo under upcoming events in the column to the right, or click here for their Facebook page.

Ted Ernst (14) with Erwin Pesak at the Madison Square Garden Six Day, 1961

On March 9, the Festival will screen "Six Day Bicycle Race: The Jazz Age Sport" at the Regency Rancho Niguel, Laguna Nigel. Two legends of the boards are scheduled to be special attendees, Ted Ernst and Dale Plueger. These are two guys for whom you are almost required to apply the word venerable any time you utter their name. Ernst has been a long time stand-out in the Southern California cycling scene; besides his racing exploits, he has been a shop owner, race promoter, and all around cycling advocate. Plueger, also a Southern Californian, may be less well known but, the man raced the boards as far back as the 1930s. I have read that he has a scrapbook of memorabilia from his racing days; can you imagine how packed with history it must be? And wouldn't you like to peek inside, even if for only a couple minutes?

25 February Update: Well, that is a bummer. With all the hype I read, I assumed this was all good to go, but apparently the Film Festival has been cancelled. That is too bad.