Options: The Sunday Coates Ride...

Oh, it has been sooooo long since I last did the Sunday morning Coates shop ride that I felt like the new guy of the bunch. Mind you, I don't mean newbie in any riding sense; other than the fast descent along, first Via Verde and then East Covina Hills Road, when my rear hub decided to start loudly screaming (which is always disconcerting and causes me to back off), the riding otherwise was about as good as I could hope for. No, what I am talking about is newbie in a familiarity sense - everyone else seeming to be regulars, and me, a once in a blue moon joiner. And then there were those city limit sprints - "oh yeah, we do those, don't we." Clearly I need to show up more often. I blame it on living in Southern California; between the races, and all the different team rides, the group rides, benefits, and don't forget the family rides going on, there are just too many options. There you go, that's what it is - too many options. And if I start doing the Coates ride again on those weekends without scheduled races, where do I fit in the Milly's Riders, the Psycho-lists, or even the BoBie's, whom I am yet to ride along with. Too many options, without a doubt. Of course, the fact that Corey, all around good guy that he is, picks up the coffee tab at the end of this one, does give the Coates ride a clear advantage over any of the others.

The specs: The Coates shop ride departs from Coates Cyclery, 760 East Foothill Blvd, Pomona (Foothill & Towne) at 8:00am each Sunday. The route may vary depending on consensus; the +/- 43 mile loop through the Covina Hills to Glendora and back is kind of like the default route. The pace is medium to fast, with a few soft pedal, or outright regroups at spots along the way. Don't expect free coffee every time (Corey doesn't always ride), but the ride does tend to end up at the Last Drop Cafe in Claremont Village for talk and a little refreshment, before splitting up for home. 

through La Verne

and earlier, through San Dimas

As for that screaming rear hub, I guess it has got to go into the shop; I have taken it apart, didn't see anything unusual, lubed it a bit, and rebuilt it, all to no effect. Only makes the sound while coasting at higher speeds and under weight; conditions I can't replicate on a workstand. 

Hope everyone else's Sunday options were just as satisfying.