Be on the Lookout (Stolen Bike Alert)...

If you have ever done some of the local group rides, on road or trails around these parts, you likely know, or know of, the owner of this bike. He is a local fixture, not least because of his nickname - Pain Freak - and has lost his mountain bike to some low-life thief. This has been posted up other places by now, but the more the message is spread the greater the chance of something positive happening. 

2007 Turner FiveSpot, silver color
Pike 454 fork
DT Swiss 440 wheels
Fagura FR brakes w/ white hose
WTB Stealth saddle
Race Face cranks
Thompson seat post and stem
DHX 5.0 rear shock

As I said this has been posted at the Psycho-Lists Facebook page, as well as on STR. Maybe other places as well. Keep your eyes open.