ART, and Riding on the River...

Technically, I am not sure these qualify as art in a traditional sense, but there are some artistic qualities about them. Best of all, they were only visible to me because I happened to be passing by on two wheels - four wheels just wouldn't cut it. The first photo is at one of the little recessed check dams along the San Gabriel  River - when the dam was lowered, the receding water left a pattern in the soil. Turn your head to the right and it almost looks like some giant was practicing writing in cursive. The other three photos show the railroad bridge over the river at the "waterfall" where the river drops down behind the Santa Fe Dam. I noticed the metalic streamers a week or two ago. Now, this past weekend, the Japanese lantern-style balloons or beach balls have been added. In fact, at first, when headed downstream at a somewhat higher rate of speed I thought they were actual lanterns, but coming back a bit slower I noticed the truth. Not sure what their significance is, but they do brighten up an otherwise mundane, industrial spot along the River Trail. Anyway, kudos to whoever went to the trouble of livening things up.


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