Pegoretti and Mano nella Mano Auction for Cancer Patients...

You may recall a few months ago that I designated a Dario Pegoretti bicycle as my Best of Show at this year's Interbike trade extravaganza. Signore Pegoretti was, of course, one of the most respected hand-builders in the industry long before that, but as far as posts on this blog go, that one generated much interest. If you are so inclined, and are able, you have the opportunity to bid on a custom Pegoretti, while at the same time helping children who are suffering from the effects of cancer. The group Mano nella Mano is conducting an auction of three frames at their website early in this new year. The frames are the result of a collaboration between Pegoretti and students of the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design in Germany. The three frames being auctioned are sized 54, 55, and 56 cm, and each individually designed and painted. Check the website for more information about the bikes and the auction (The language and navigation options did not seem to be working when I checked, but hopefully that will get sorted out soon), or like their Facebook page to keep up-to-date. Update: the frames are finished and photos are at both the website and Facebook page. The action is set to begin Friday February 22.


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