Cycling Claremont: Yogi Bear...

Yes, Yogi Bear. I guess you could file this one under things you won't see from the window of a passing car.

Not many people know that after Yogi Bear retired from his life as a prankster in Jellystone Park, he settled into a life of relative comfort here in Claremont. He had made a bit of money from all that time in front of the camera, invested wisely, was pretty much set for the remainder of his years - certainly he never had to scrounge around campgrounds begging for food. As you can plainly see in the photo above, he left a stylized bear paw print, along with his initials (so we would know it was him and not some local impostor, I guess) in a patch of wet concrete along a nearby street. I have passed it many times, but only recently decided to snap a photo.