Year End: Looking Back, and What Lies Ahead...

Well, by now Christmas and the Winter Solstice are past, Hanukkah is a more distant memory, those who celebrate Kwanzaa are doing so today, and we will soon be flipping the page on another year. I have had a full year of riding, and hope you have as well.

In the middle of the year I moved forward with a blog change over; the Claremont Cyclist ceased, and the CLR Effect launched. It was a surprisingly difficult decision, and there was some disappointment / concern amongst a few readers that the local flavor would be lost. I promised, and have tried to keep some of that going though, particularly through the Slow Scenes and Cycling Claremont series. As long as I call Claremont home, sharing the local cycling scene will be a part of what I do. At about the same time I was reacquainted with some old friends and teammates, formerly the Squadra Folgore and now calling themselves the Milly's Riders. I have only been able to make a few of the rides with them, but am hoping that 2013 will bring even more. I also did not do as much racing, or make it out to as many of the training rides as I would have liked, but am already looking forward to the coming season.

Expect the next installment of the Cycling Landscapes series, in which I consider the idea of landscape as theatre, early in the coming year. It has taken a long time to research, gather thoughts, and compile the information, but it is getting close. Another post series I will continue to expand will be the Velo Course, highlighting some favorite routes around Southern California and the Central Coast; and hopefully, more information on the Claremont Racing scene, past and present, will be revealed. I am really hoping to put together a couple themed rides this year - preliminary ideas are for a coffeeneuring adventure through some of the local cities, and then maybe around early summer, a Fish 'n Ride. Planning is ongoing and details will be coming. I have also been toying with the idea of some unique CRL Effect product - what exactly is being kept under wraps for now.

Here is to a fruitful 2013 to you all, one filled with as much riding as you can stand. Hope to see some of you on the roads and trails in the months ahead. Remember, virtually any occasion is a good one to bring out your bikes