'Twas a Murky, Foggy Morn...

something has always seemed surreal about the San Antonio Dam spillway - the water, the reflection, the heavy fog, it all added up this time

I don't know what compelled me to start five blog posts at the same time, each one much more involved than what I normally do, rather than do one at a time. Now I have five in various states of completion. It does not leave much time for shorter posts, so if I happen to miss a day here or there or throw out some simple photo posts you'll know why.

Case in point - todays post, where I share some photos from a recent ride over to Cucamonga Canyon (via mountain bike), on an especially black and white, and foggy morning. For those who aren't local, the route into Cucamonga Canyon lies to the east of Cucamonga Wash. I live to the west which means that the wash is an obstacle. Not a problem on a road bike; you just stick to the paved roads further down wash, away from the mountains. By mountain bike, though, I like to stay up along the foothills on dirt roads, trails and short connectors. Unfortunately there is no easy way across the wash up that far, and this time I ended up spending much time trying to find something, some way. If nothing else I got to explore a little - certainly nothing wrong with that.

rest area at the junction of the Cucamonga Creek and Demens Creek Trails
never knew this was there