Off The Bike: Tripelhorn Brewing Co...

When in Woodinville, Washington for a visit, getting your riding fix, or whatever your reason may be, one of the local establishments to check out is the Tripelhorn Brewing Company

I spotted the sign from the main road and, then and there, added it to my destination list for this trip into the rainy north. Though spelled differently, this was my paternal grandmother's maiden name, and you don't exactly see it around much. This young brewery has six brews on tap at this exact moment, with the sampler getting you more than a few mouthfuls of each. My taste buds favored the two darker selections - a Syrah/Cabernet barrel-aged Harvest Porter, and the chocolatey, Nemesis Milk Stout, as well as the Falcon Cloak Blond. As it won't survive the bumpy ride home, the master brewers don't bottle up the Nemesis, so instead I (as well as other family members) had them fill up a couple growlettes of the porter, along with a souvenir pint glass to enjoy back home. If the smaller growlettes won't fill your needs, you can also get a full growler in a cool jug-style bottle, or a keg. Prost!