Rain Delay Projects...

We are not quite to the start of Winter yet but there has been some rain making things wet, some cold making you shiver, maybe you live where the snow is a little bit closer than "up in them thar mountains". Maybe a day comes along and you just don't feel like dealing with one or more of these wintery conditions; a day you just decide to stay warm and dry. Those days are perfect for those little projects you have been putting off. No, not cleaning the rain gutters, it is too late for that. No, not helping the wife clean house. Sheesh, anything but that. I'm talking about important stuff. The obvious one would be bike maintenance - making sure your ride is in top condition for the next day out. There is another option that we tend to ignore, forget, or have maybe never even considered - a record of what is in the stable. Most everyone knows to write down the serial number(s) of our bikes, it is the least we should do. Consider also a photo record; an overall shot, and some close-ups of components. If you are anything like me, your bike(s) do not stay unchanged for long, we switch out parts, upgrade components, replace broken ones. It is good to have records of these things. Just in case.

one good overall shot

component close-ups

maybe even some artsy details