Sorry For The...

Blogger problems; you readers have probably not noticed anything wrong, but I have. For some reason I have not been receiving email notifications of comments lately and as a result my responses have been lagging more than I would like. Additionally, my reading list does not seem to be updating properly so current links to some of my other favorite blogs are not showing: For instance if you look over to the right (under Site List: Adventure) you will notice that BikELove-Scotland has apparently not posted anything new in more than 4 months time. Well, that is just plain wrong, and far from the truth (sorry Gavin). I am also noticing a problem with site statistics, but that is nothing you would be concerned about. Guess I need to send a note off to Blogger. Honestly, Blogger is normally problem free, but every once in a while...


  1. The problem with my RSS Feed could be down to me updating the HTML code in some of my older posts recently, I don't re-publish the posts, just update them. Although saying that... I had noticed it was out of date before then though so I could be talking rubbish! :)

  2. I don't think the problem is with the stats per se, the numbers are accurate as far as I know, but posts which should be on the weeks most poplar list sometimes are not. It may actually be the way that gadget is working. Like I said not a big deal, just annoying to me.


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