From the Archives: Anton Gonzalez...

19 July 1992 Anton Gonzalez at the Post Office Criterium, Long Beach, California

I remember Anton racing in the Masters category when I joined the Chevrolet / LA Sheriffs in '89 or '90. He planned to travel to Russia for the Masters World Championships which was when I first realized that masters were not just older guys who couldn't give up the sport, they took their competition just as seriously as anyone else. Still do. If I am not mistaken Anton also had his own (and well-regarded) frame painting business, called Lizart; there are references to it on the web, but no website, so I am not sure if it is still around.


  1. Hi Michael, I raced in the Russian Masters Worlds 3 times and lived in Russia for a year racing for a small Russian Pro Trade Team. I also raced in the Masters World Championships held in Austria 4 times and placed fifth in 1992. Nice to see someone still remembers me. Cheers Friend!

  2. Hey Anton. How cool, I love it when people from the past discover some of these older photos and fill in with additional information. Three times to Russia and 4 to Austria, that is fantastic.


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