Sunday's Rides...

After yesterday's Village Venture, which draws some 10,000 to 15,000 into the little downtown of Claremont Village, I assumed many people would be too tired to come out and ride this morning. Maybe they were, and the people who did come out to the two rides, which left from the Metrolink parking lot, were part of the group who did not attend Village Venture. Whatever the case may be, both the PVBC ciclavia exploratory ride in the morning, and the Cycle Claremont ride in the afternoon, were well attended.

And why shouldn't they have been well attended, it was sunny and warm, and there were good people to share the routes with. I am, however, going to call out a group of four riders, who thought nothing of running stops when others had clear right of way, and even when pedestrians were in the crosswalk. I may be a firm proponent of the Idaho Stop, but I guarantee, no one was impressed with those moves. 

line up and sign up

always something to discover

the ontario wheelhouse

sunny smiling

riding along Bonita (Citrus Regional Bikeway)

many small groups rode south on Garey at their own pace...

That handful aside, I think everyone had a good time. Looking back at the shots I took, I know everyone had a good time. As for a cyclovia-style ride coming to the Pomona and Claremont area, as cool as that would be, it seems to be a wait and see situation. It involves a lot of work, a lot of coordination, a lot of convincing that such an event is a worthwhile effort. If you have an opinion, make it known. How? Add your voice to the Pomona Valley Bicycle Coalition for one. You always see the big group training rides on the weekends; I, myself, saw both the Coates shop ride, as well as the Back Abbey team pass by today, and you also see individuals coming and going on what ever errand they are attending to. You kind of get used to seeing those, but when you see a mixed group like this - families and individuals, riders in team kit, and others in denim and cotton - they tend to stand out, hopefully makes people think "I could be doing that." And hopefully, next time, those people join in too.

i was there incognito

a basket of brains