Friday Feedbag and Quotable Links...

I started to compile this short list of good reads for the Friday Feedbag last week, but then got distracted. So, some of the links are fairly old, but still worth it if you have not seen them yet.

"... stopping just short of telling the poor, poor motorists that us cyclists will also steal children in the night."

"I think of CicLAvia as Critical Mass with manners."

This one is owed the Meligrosa, who posted a collection of artwork showing the daily use of bicycles in India, at the Change Your Life, Ride A Bike blog. There is some cool and colorful bike art at the Ghoda Cycle Project:

No one should ever accuse Greg Lemond of being anything other than passionate about the sport of cycling. His message of "rage" over the current situation in professional cycling spread across Facebook on Wednesday, and was quickly picked up by media around the globe. If you have followed his career, from his junior years to now, you probably realize that this is nothing new. Many of us speak of cycling as something special, and it is because of that I am convinced his message came from the heart: 

"I have never seen such an abuse of power in cycling's history..."

Related to this, I added the Paul Kimmage Defense Fund gadget over on the lower right hand column a couple weeks ago, and I watched it slowly increase. I think it has gained $20,000 since Greg's message hit the press. Clearly people are concerned about the state of the sport, the commitment of its leaders, and the direction it should take in the future. Donating to the Fund is not just about Paul Kimmage. Well, there you go, just as I put this to press, out comes news that McQuaid, Verbruggen and the UCI have decided to abandon (or is it suspend) their libel suit against Kimmage. Stay tuned, who knows where things go from here in the wild world of cycling.

If an organization does not have the respect of its members, how can it ever hope to accomplish anything of value. The answer is simple - it can't - and with that I leave you, this Friday, with a segue to a petition at calling for Pat McQuaid and Hein Verbruggen to be removed from their positions with the UCI and in cycling.