Monday Blues: Benotto Cello Bar Tape...

Classic Benotto cello bar tape was widely popular in the 1970s and 1980s. The stuff was minimalist - no thickness to it at all - I don't think you would want to ride Paris-Roubaix with it on your bars as your hands would would get all beat up and bruised. It more accurately reminds me of the ribbon you would finish off a gift wrap with. As you can see it was sleek and shiny. The ribbon came in solid colors and in popular combinations - red, white, blue, and the Mexican red, white, green. You might remember a Bottechia I bought and restored a couple years ago that had solid blue ribbon on the bars. The company has brought back their classic tape which, I think, would look especially appropriate on a sleek track bike. (The Benotto with cello tape shown above, was recently spotted at the Velo).


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