Interbike 2012: Bikes (CX)...

Can you believe it? Cyclocross season starts in Southern California this weekend. At Interbike, any manufacturer showing sport bicycles had, I believe, at least one cyclocross (CX) model in their lineup. The bigger companies, of course, had even more. Clearly CX is seen as a sport that has come of age, and the potential for continued growth is recognized throughout the industry. Some of what I saw, and liked, are shown below.

Cinelli, they have a couple in their lineup - the Zydeco, and this new single speed MASH version. I know it is going to get dirty, it is going to get muddy, but for now, and until that happens, the graphics, the colors, it all comes together. Very Cinelli, very MASH:

The Marin Cortina. Pretty solid looking in 6061 aluminum with SRAM build-out:

Bergamont. I had to look this one up as it was being shown in the BMC booth, but I was not familiar with the maker. Bergamont is a German produced bike; they have been in the industry for 18 years, but this is the first I can recall seeing their name. A lot of companies use tradeshows like this to introduce their products to a new market. I suspect that is what is going on here. A quick look at their website reveals no dealers in the States, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them enter the US market in the future. This is the Dolce CX:

The Ritchey Swiss Cross, ever dependable. A lot of tradition here going back to some of the greatest names in the sport:

Volagi. I am not sure Volagi has a CX-specific frame; they consider their long bow flex stay design to be adaptable for on or off road riding, which you are either going to believe or not. I can't really speak about it without a test - I was intrigued by the design when I first saw them last year, and would love to give one a try to find out how they ride:

Lightspeed. I just may be more intrigued by this one than any of the others; I guess it has more to do with history than anything, but I would like to know how a ti frame handles a cross course. Disc brakes only: