Hot Enough For Ya: Four Photos of a Solo Ride...

i had this little helicopter hovering above me taking photos as i rode along.
really though, practice your no-hand riding whenever the opportunity presents itself.
use it, or lose it?

can't tell from the shot, but my toes were curled back under, trying to stay in the shade.

the sgrt has been hot and depressing nearly all year - just no water in the river.

done, and my helmet straps need a good soaking to leach out all the sweat
from our never-ending summer. slimy

Los Angeles County Public Works, or whoever makes such decisions have not let any water out of the upstream reservoirs (excepting one short occasion) all year long. It is a damn shame, the upper San Gabriel River Trail (SGRT), down as far as Whittier Narrows, has been especially uninviting all that time, dry and desolate looking. It is almost enough to make me swing over to the Santa Ana River Trail (SGRT), as the photos I have seen of it look relatively lush in comparison.