Five for 5: The Week that Was...

monday: hard to believe, but april was the last time i took to the dirt. that is just not right, so i filled a perpetually flat front tire on the 29er. herbert (named for captain kirk from the episode where a group of space hippies kept referring to him as herbert) and i, then rode up marshall canyon and back down through the claremont hills wilderness park

tuesday: passing through the colleges i noticed this collection of bikes - it seemed every color under the sun was represented but one - where's the love for green?

wednesday: gary's panforte is a special, limited time cliff bar recipe conjured up for the company's 20th anniversary. clif is my go-to bar to begin with, but the mix of everything in this one, especially the spices truly is a flavor party in your mouth

thursday: lunch in the village. the morning breakfast club of college professors had departed by then, so it was rather quiet

friday: the answer - yes. not long ago i spotted this trike parked outside 42nd street bagel. the question - do you ride with the umbrella up?