Friday Feedbag and Quotable Links...

1. First up, the story from the mouth of David Anthony, the East Coast amateur racer who became so caught up in the sport that he turned to the use HGH and EPO in order to feed the thrill:

There were places it seemed like I could get it on the ‘net, but two things stopped me,” he said. “Number one, I was worried about having some sort of paper trail. I was very scared about that. The other thing I was worried about? How do I know this shit isn’t going to kill me? ... I was like, ‘do you really want to be that guy who looks people in the eye and tells them a bold-faced lie?"

This may be hindsight, but I would think that if you are thinking of doing something that has you worried about leaving a trail, that something is probably something you shouldn't be doing.

2. Next up, the United States House of Representatives, and Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood, this week recognized people who have worked to forward ideas of more livable, active communities:

"... By removing the streetcars, widening the streets and changing our zoning to focus on auto centric development, we eliminated the local neighborhood deli, flower shop and tavern. Kids no longer had safe places to walk. Seniors became prisoners in their own homes ..."

3. One of my more recent blog discoveries this year is the Sticky Bottle, an endeavor out of Ireland, which covers all angles of racing and the racers, in my other favorite place to be:

"Carbon was flying in all directions, with bodies following. I had to track stand for a minute or so before I could get past the mayhem ..."

Yes, my other favorite place would be the Emerald Isle.

4. Alright then, you're a cyclist (since you are reading this I assume that) and know that there are health benefits associated with the activity. How about taking that healthy lifestyle a pedal stroke further and consider the role of nutrition (athlete oriented, but applicable to all):

"One of my favorite sources of fiber during the week is Grape-Nuts cereal ..."

Well, considering the above is an interview for USA Cycling, I could have predicted that Grape-Nuts link from miles away. That's alright though, there is more than just a sale in the interview. And I do like Grape Nuts.

5. Finally, unless you are a stickler for proper pomp and ceremony, you may find the account of the knighting of Bradley Wiggins to be as entertaining as I did:

“She also gave him a number of other awards, really, she went rather bonkers.”