2 Photos...

On some kind of minimalist level I think you can divide photographs into two categories. There are the photos that depict an event, or moment in time, with all the information you need to interpret a story clearly spelled out; the what you see is what you get kind of image. They are great for documenting events because they present facts in an almost, but not quite, objective way. Then there are the kind that play to viewer interpretation; imagination has been woven into the image, and though there may be a single truth to what is being presented, the facts are fuzzy, and viewers may interpret them in different ways. Anyway, here are two of the latter kind of photo:

i stumbled upon this one while searching for info on former Belgian racer, Claude Criquielion. it came from a Dutch website and I can't read the text, but it is a great photo, leaving so much to the imagination

this is one i took; i don't remember anything about it, and it was probably a fluke, an unintentional snapping of the shutter. what's going on in all that grey murkiness with just a hint of a bike involved?