Was it Tommy Voeckler...

I caught with my camera at the Rose Bowl tonight?

The faces, the kit, and the equipment may change from year to year, but the Rose Bowl ride is timeless, it just keeps going the same as ever, season after season for what, sixty years now. Hard to believe, for myself anyway, this was my first trip out there this year for the Tuesday/Thursday speedfest, and frankly it was like picking up where I left off last year. Since the traffic driving out was not painful, I think I can manage once a week for the remaining three months of the season. Thomas V, this week; who'll be there next time?

the break coming up the road, headed toward the finish

typically, a couple cars got in the way, between the break and the chasing peloton. if you look closely at the guys in front, you'll notice they don't look too concerned - the break was gone, and nothing to be done...

even so, once the cars were out of the way the race was back on