The Non-official PVBC Pubs n' Stuff Ride...

regroup at the head of the PET

The Pomona Valley Bike Coalition (PVBC) held another of their periodic fun/social rides this evening. You might say this one wasn't an officially sanctioned ride because, well because it involved some pub stops as the ride name suggests. Starting and ending at the Press (during happy hour) in Claremont the group rode out along the Pacific Electric Trail through Montclair and Upland, to the downtown of the latter city, where the Thursday farmer's market was taking place. Oh, and there was a pub there as well. A beer or so later and we returned to Claremont. A number of familiar faces were mixed into the fifteen of so riders, as well as some I had not seen before. Which is always good; it shows that word is spreading, new people are being attracted to the group and rides. 

locking up in Upland

On the way back, the ride took a brief detour for the James Turrell "Skyspace" light and space exhibit in the Draper Courtyard at Pomona College. The color changing light display is kind of interesting and boring at the same time. It is very peaceful, and could be quite meditative; unfortunately we arrived well past sunset, so we didn't get the effect of the changing sky in that center square in the roof, nor in the reflecting pool directly beneath. What we did get were the changing lighting and people watching (there were quite a few relaxing and enjoying a quiet evening). This was, I think, the second PVBC ride I have been on, and they have both been great fun; so different from the high pressure group training rides I am more used to. Additionally, this time, I got to renew my LACBC membership (I saw at least two new members sign up as well) and got a free head and tail light set in the process. Check out the PVBC on Facebook, join, and you can find info on the groups next rides, and upcoming volunteer opportunities, where you can meet some great people.